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2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium 2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The 2nd MIPSE Graduate Student Symposium successfully took place on September 21, 2011, including a special presentation by Dr. Kim Budil of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The Symposium stands out not only for the excellent student poster presentations, but also for being the first joint UM/Michigan State University MIPSE event. We had 30 posters presented by UM students (from EECS, NERS, Aerospace Engineering, AOSS, Mechanical Engineering, and Applied Physics) and 9 posters presented by MSU students.

2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium 2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium
2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium 2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium
Best Presentation Award

The MIPSE judges (Prof. John Foster, Prof. Alec Thomas, Dr. Carolyn Kuranz) had quite a challenging task in selecting from the many outstanding presentations. After their deliberations, Best Presentation Award winners were:

  • Iverson Bell (UM)
  • Shannon Demlow (MSU)
  • Peng Zhang (UM)

The winners received a certificate and book of their choice on a plasma topic.

2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium 2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium

Symposium judges (left to right): Prof. John Foster, Dr. Carolyn Kuranz, Prof. Alec Thomas

Best Presentation Award winners (left to right): Iverson Bell, Peng Zhang, Shannon Demlow

Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)
  • Andrew Baczewski
    Accelerated Cartesian Expansions (ACE): A Linear Scaling Method for the Rapid Evaluation of Pairwise Interactions (PDF)

  • Carlos Di Stefano
    Spike Morphology in Supernova-Relevant Hydrodynamics Experiments (PDF)

  • Paul Giuliano
    Effects of Detailed Charge Exchange Interactions in DSMC-PIC Simulation of a Simplified Plasma Test Cell (PDF)

  • Kentaro Hara
    1D Hybrid-Vlasov Simulation for Hall Thrusters (PDF)

  • Chunning Huntington
    Same-Shot X-Ray Thomson Scattering and Streaked Imaging of Xenon Radiative Shock Experiments (PDF)

  • Christine Krauland
    Radiative Reverse Shock Laser Experiments (PDF)

  • David Liaw
    Simulation of Self-Neutralization Techniques for Charged Particle Thrusters on Nanospacecraft (PPT)

  • Jing Lu
    Microwave Plasma Assisted Synthesis of Single Crystal Diamond at High Pressures and High Power Densities (PDF)

  • Collin Meierbachtol
    Self-Consistent Simulation of Microwave PACVD Reactors for Diamond Growth (PDF)

  • Nick Patterson
    Investigation of Mixed Cell Treatment via the Support Operator Method (PDF)

  • Ian Rittersdorf
    Effects of Random Circuit Fabrication Errors on Small Signal Gain in a Traveling Wave Tube (PDF)

  • Will Schumaker
    Ultrafast Electron Beam Radiography of Self-Generated Magnetic Fields from High Intensity Laser-Solid Interactions (PDF)

  • Bradley Sommers
    Nonlinear Oscillations of Levitated Gas Bubbles and Their Impact on Plasma Formation in Water (PPTX)

  • Sang-Heon Song
    SiO2 Etch Rate and Profile Control Using Pulse Power in Capacitively Coupled Plasmas (PPT)

  • Laura Spencer
    Analysis of Computational Work in Comparison with Experimental Results for an Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Plasma (PDF)

  • Wei Tian
    Plasma Discharge Simulations in Water with Pre-Existing Bubbles and Electric Field Rarefaction (PPT)

  • Dzung Tran
    Microwave Plasma-Assisted Etching for Smoothing Polycrystalline Diamond Films (PDF)

  • Sreenivas Varadan
    Compressible Turbulence and Interfacial Instabilities (PPT)

  • Michael Vargas
    Focusing Laser Wakefield Produced Betatron Radiation with a Spherically Curved Crystal (PDF)

  • Jun-Chieh Wang
    Electron Current Extraction and Interaction of RF mDBD Arrays (PDF)

  • Benjamin Yee
    Intra-Pulse Rotational Spectroscopy for Pulsed-Nanosecond Discharges (PDF)

  • Peng Zhang
    Contact Resistance with Dissimilar Materials: Bulk Contacts and Thin Film Contacts (PDF)

  • Yiting Zhang
    Development of Ion Energy Angular Distribution Through the Pre-Sheath and Sheath in Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas (PPT)

  • Calvin Zulick
    Bremsstrahlung Temperature Scaling in Ultra-Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions (PPTX)

Abstract Submission: 30 August 2011