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3rd MIPSE Graduate Symposium 3rd MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The 3rd Annual MIPSE Graduate Student Symposium took place on October 3, 2012, at Michigan State University. The symposium included a special presentation by Prof. Konrad Gelbke of MSU titled "From NSCL (National Superconducting Cyclotron Facility) to FRIB (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams) at MSU". We had 24 posters presented by UM students, 12 posters presented by MSU students, 4 posters presented by visiting students from Pusan National University (Korea), and one poster presented by Prof. Hiroyuki Kousaka, visiting scholar from Nagoya University, Japan.

Best Presentation Award

The MIPSE judges (Prof. Jes Asmussen, Prof. Andrew Christlieb, and Prof. Yue Ying Lau) had quite a challenging task in selecting from the many outstanding presentations. After their deliberations, Best Presentation Award winners were:

  • Kentaro Hara (UM)
  • Peiyao Liu (MSU)
  • Wei Tian (UM)

The winners received a MIPSE mug, award certificate, and a plasma book of their choice.

3rd MIPSE Graduate Symposium 3rd MIPSE Graduate Symposium

Symposium judges Prof. Jes Asmussen, Prof. Andrew Christlieb, and Prof. Yue Ying Lau with Michael Logue (UM)

Best Presentation Award winners (left to right): Kentaro Hara and Wei Tian (Peiyao Liu not pictured)

Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)
  • Marc Henry de Frahan
    Beryllium Strength under Extreme Dynamic Loading Conditions (PDF)

  • Kentaro Hara
    Kinetic Simulations of Partially Magnetized Plasma in a Hall Thruster (PDF)

  • Hiroyuki Kousaka
    Atomic Composition of Diamond-Like Carbon Film Coated at over 100 ┬Ám/h by Using Microwave-Excited High-Density near Plasma (PDF)

  • David Liaw
    Simulation of Using Background Plasma to Neutralize for Charged Particle Thrusters on Nanospacecraft (PDF, PPTX)

  • Jing Lu
    A Description of The Experimental Microwave Discharge Behavior Versus Pressure, Power and Reactor Geometry for MPACVD Diamond Synthesis Reactors (PDF)

  • Mike MacDonald
    Imaging X-ray Fluorescence Relevant to Hydrodynamic Mixing Experiments at the National Ignition Facility (PDF)

  • Collin Meierbachtol
    Including Convective Flows in a Self-Consistent Hydrogen-Based Microwave PACVD Reactor Model (PDF)

  • Matthias Muehle
    Quality and Internal Stress of Single Crystalline Diamond Synthesized by Microwave Plasma Sssisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PDF)

  • Scott Rice
    Multipactor Suppression in Resonant Cavities via Secondary Modes (PDF)

  • Ian Rittersdorf
    Effects of Random Circuit Fabrication Errors on Small Signal Gain in a Traveling Wave Tube (PDF)

  • Bradley Sommers
    Plasma Formation in Deformed Gas Bubbles (PDF, PPTX)

  • Qi Tang
    High Order Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory Adaptive Mesh Refinement Method for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Equations (PDF)

  • Michael Vargas
    Phase Contrast Imaging with Betatron Radiation from Laser Wakefield Accelerated Electrons (PDF)

  • Jun-Chieh Wang
    The Role of Micro-Plasmas from Charge Rollers in Printer Engines (PDF)

  • Daniel Winklehner
    Space Charge Compensation Measurements of Multi-Charged Ion Beams Extracted from ECR Ion Sources (PDF)

  • Peng_Zhang
    Spreading Resistance of Thin Film Contacts (PDF)

  • Calvin Zulick
    Neutron Generation Using Ultra-Intense Laser Plasma Interactions (PPTX)