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4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The 4th Annual MIPSE Graduate Student Symposium took place on September 25, 2013, at the University of Michigan. The symposium included a special presentation by Prof. Edward Thomas of Auburn University titled Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment: A User Facility for Complex Plasma Research. We had 30 posters presented by UM students and 11 posters presented by MSU students. The Symposium was a great success, enabling our graduate students to share the results of their excellent research.

Best Presentation Award
4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The MIPSE judges (Dr. Natalia Babaeva, Prof. Benjamin Longmier, Dr. J. P. Sheehan) had quite a challenging task in selecting from the many outstanding presentations. The Best Presentation Award winners are:

  • Shannon Demlow (MSU)
  • Christopher Durot (UM)
  • Yiting Zhang (UM)

The winners received a MIPSE mug, award certificate, and a plasma book of their choice.

4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 4th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)
  • Charles Bardel
    Increasing Efficiency of Monte Carlo Particle-fluid Collision Calculations on GPU (PDF)

  • Iverson Bell
    Studying Miniature Electrodynamic Tethers and Interaction with the Low Earth Orbit Plasma (PDF)

  • Xiuzhang Cai
    Adaptively Matched GPS Antenna for Plasma Environments (PDF)

  • Paul Cummings
    Simulations for the Elucidation of Electron Beam Properties in Laser-wakefield Acceleration Experiments via Betatron and Synchrotron-like Radiation (PPTX)

  • Joshua Davis
    Film Characterization of Agfa D7 and D8 X-ray Film Using a Multiple Anode X-ray Source (PDF)

  • Shannon Demlow
    Temperature Dependence of Boron Doping Efficiency (PDF)

  • Gautham Dharuman
    Quasi-Classical Study of Atomic States (PDF)

  • Horatiu Dragnea
    Simulation of Sputtered Boron Atoms in the Plume of a SPT-70 Hall Thruster (PDF)

  • Christopher Durot
    Development of a Novel Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Technique (PDF)

  • Alexander Englesbe
    Emissive Probe Measurement of Sheath Potential with Secondary Electron Emission in a Low-Density Xenon Plasma (PDF)

  • Jeff Fein
    Preliminary Investigation of the High Energy Spectrum of Pinhole Point-projection Backlighters (PDF)

  • Mayur Jain
    Modeling and Simulation of Strongly Coupled Plasmas (PPTX)

  • Archis Joglekar
    Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Modeling of Plasma near Hohlraum Walls Heated with Nanosecond Laser Pulses Calculated Using the Ray Tracing Equations (PDF)

  • Roxanne Katus
    Geomagnetic Response to Different Solar Wind Drivers and the Dependence on Storm Intensity (PDF)

  • Shreya Nad
    Growth and Analysis of Large Undoped Single Crystal Diamond Substrates Using Microwave Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (MPACVD) (PPTX)

  • Guy Parsey
    Non-Equilibrium Reaction Kinetics of an Atmospheric Pressure Microwave-driven Plasma Torch: a Kinetic Global Model (PDF)

  • Ian Rittersdorf
    Effects of Random Circuit Fabrication Errors on the Mean and Standard Deviation of Small Signal Gain and Phase in a Traveling Wave Tube (PDF)

  • Kapil Sawlani
    An Experimental Study to Show the Effects of Secondary Electron Emission on Plasma Properties in Hall Thrusters (PDF)

  • Sang-Heon Song
    SiO2 Etch Properties and Ion Energy Distribution in Pulsed Capacitively Coupled Plasmas Sustained in Ar/CF4/O2 (PPTX)

  • Qi Tang
    Finite Difference Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Schemes with Constrained Transport for Ideal MHD (PDF)

  • Peng Tian
    VUV Photon Source of a Microwave Excited Microplasmas at Low Pressure (PPTX)

  • Willow Wan
    Supersonic, Single-mode, Shockwave-driven Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Experiment on OMEGA-EP (PDF)

  • Jun-Chieh Wang
    A Microdischarge Based Presure Sensor (PDF)

  • Matthew Weis
    Magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor Growth and Feedthrough in Cylindrical Liners (PDF)

  • David Yager-Elorriaga
    Development of a Compact Pulse Generator for X-Ray Backlighting of Planar Foil Ablation Experiments (PPTX)

  • Peng Zhang
    Electrical Contacts: A Voltage Scale for Thermal Runaway and Issues in Measurements of Constriction Resistance (PDF)

  • Yiting Zhang
    Characteristics of Ion Energy Distribution in Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas (PPTX)