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6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The 6th Annual MIPSE (Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering) Graduate Student Symposium took place on October 7, 2015 at the University of Michigan. The symposium included a special seminar by Dr. Edmund Synakowski of the Department of Energy titled "Leading Challenges and the Role of Transformation in the Fusion and Plasma Sciences" which was enjoyed by all. We especially thank Dr. Synakowski and our MSU colleagues for coming to the symposium.

We had a total of 43 poster presentations – including 35 presentations by UM students and 8 by MSU students. We thank all of the presenters for their excellent efforts. The Symposium was a great success, enabling our students to share the results of their state-of-the-art research.

Best Presentation Award
6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The MIPSE judges (Dr. Zhaohan He, Dr. Aram Markosyan, and Dr. Peng Zhang) for the best presentation competition visited all of the posters and had quite a challenging task in selecting from the many outstanding presentations. The Best Presentation Award winners are:

  • Chad Huard (EECS, UM)
  • Archis Joglekar (NERS, UM)
  • Guy Parsey (Physics and Astronomy/ECE, MSU)

The winners received a MIPSE mug, award certificate, and a plasma book of their choice.

6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium
6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium 6th MIPSE Graduate Symposium

Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)
  • Timothy Collard
    Ion Energetics of the Modes of the CubeSat Ambipolar Thruster (PPTX)

  • Joshua Davis
    Measurements of Laser Generated X-ray Spectra from Irradiated Gold Foils (PDF)

  • C. F. Dong
    Harmonic Generation in the Beam Current in a Traveling Wave Tube (PDF)

  • Horatiu Dragnea
    Development of a 2D Axial-Radial Fluid Electron Model (PDF)

  • Frans Ebersohn
    Simulation of Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Thruster Expansion (PDF)

  • Steven Exelby
    Harmonic Generation on the Multi-Frequency Recirculating Planar Magnetron (PPTX)

  • Jeffrey Fein
    Experiments on the OMEGA EP Laser to Study Scaling of Two-plasmon Decay Instability with Plasma Conditions (PDF)

  • Xiao Feng
    A High-order Positivity-preserving Single-stage Single-step Method for the Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Equations (PDF)

  • Scott Hall
    30-kW, Constant-Current-Density Performance of a 100-kW-class Nested Hall Thruster (PDF)

  • Shuo Huang
    Dry Etching of Si3N4 Using Remote Plasma Sources Sustained in Nf3 Mixtures (PPTX)

  • Chad Huard
    Stochastic Defect Detection for Monte-Carlo Feature Profile Model (PPTX)

  • Archis Joglekar
    Nernst Effect in Magnetized Hohlraums (PDF)

  • Manan Kocher
    Anomalous Behavior of Carbon, Oxygen Charge States in a Population of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (PDF)

  • Yao Kovach
    The Effect of Anode Material and Secondary Gas Injection on Self-organized Patterns in Atmospheric Pressure Glows (PDF)

  • Janis Lai
    Active Interrogation of Plasma-Liquid Boundary Using 2D Plasma-in-Liquid Apparatus (PDF)

  • Amanda Lietz
    DBD on Liquid Covered Tissue: Modeling Long-Timescale Chemistry (PPTX)

  • Jinpu Lin
    Field Distribution in a Vacuum-nano Diode (PPTX)

  • Grant Miars
    Model Validation for Plasma Contactor Mediation of Electron Beam Charged Spacecraft (PPTX)

  • Selman Mujovic
    The Time Evolution and Formation of Streamer Discharges in Single & Multiple Bubbles in Water (PDF)

  • Derek Neben
    Bremsstrahlung Measurement on the Superconducting Source for Ions (SuSI) (PDF)

  • Guy Parsey
    Laser/Plasma-Pumped Rare Gas Laser (PDF)

  • GangKai Poh
    MESSENGER Observations of Reconnection Ion Diffusion Region Structure at Mercury (PDF)

  • Scott Rice
    Simulation of Multipactor Initiation in FRIB Halfwave Cavities (PDF)

  • Lois Sarno-Smith
    Are Plasma Waves at the Proton Gyrofrequency Scattering the High Energy (1-10 eV) Post-Midnight Plasmasphere? (PPTX)

  • Adam Steiner
    Characterization of a MA-Class Linear Transformer Driver for Foil Ablation and Z-Pinch Experiments (PPTX)

  • Peng Tian and Chenhui Qu
    Properties of Unipolar DC-Pulsed Microplasma Arrays at Intermediate Pressures (PPTX)

  • Willow Wan
    Observations of Vortex Merger and Growth Reduction in a Dualmode, Supersonic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Experiment (PDF, PPTX)

  • Patrick Wong
    Spatial Amplification in a Disk-on-Rod Traveling-Wave Amplifier (PPTX)

  • David Yager-Elorriaga
    Ultrathin Liner-Plasma Implosion Experiments on a sub-MA Current Generator (PDF)

  • Rachel Young
    Accretion Shocks on Young Stars: Plans for a Lab-Astro Experiment (PDF)