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MIPSE welcomes short or extended visits from student, academic and industrial collaborators. We are happy to facilitate the visit through matching the visitor's interests with research being conducted by MIPSE members. We can also help with making visa and living accommodation arrangements. For additional information contact mipse-central@umich.edu.

Prof. Maria C. Garcia, University of Cordoba (Spain)

Dates of visit: January-July 2012
Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Microwave Plasmas

Prof. Maria C. Garcia of the Dept. Fisica Aplicada at the University of Cordoba (Spain) is finishing 6 months in Ann Arbor as a MIPSE visitor. Prof. Garcia’s field of research is optical emission spectroscopy and microwave plasmas. During the first three months of her stay, she collaborated with Prof. Max Shtein’s research group (Material Sciences and Engineering) on investigations of hollow-cathode plasma sputtering sources for thin film deposition with applications in photovoltaics. Prof. Garcia implemented optical emission spectroscopy (OES) diagnostics on the deposition reactor to help clarify the plasma parameters controlling the deposition process.

Prof. Maria C. Garcia

Maria Garcia at John Foster's lab.
Left to right: graduate students Sarah Gucker and Ben Yee, Prof. Foster, Prof. Garcia.

During the second half of her stay, Prof. Garcia is collaborating with the research group of Prof. John Foster (Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences). In this research, plasmas are being produced in bubbles in liquids, with applications to water purification and materials processing. Using time resolved OES diagnostics, Prof. Garcia is helping determine plasma species densities and temperatures in these non-equilibrium, multiphase systems.