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The faculty, staff and students of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are engaged in a wide variety of research investigating the fundamentals and applications of plasmas on topics ranging from space plasmas to micro-plasmas. We invite you to contact MIPSE members if you want additional information on their research.

Igniting a nitrogen atom plasma source for MBE
Igniting a nitrogen atom plasma source for MBE: a three-step process

Featured Project

Experiment at the National Ignition Facility (courtesy Carolyn Kuranz)

National Ignition Facility

Schematic of the National Ignition Facility

Experimental target

An indirectly driven experimental target for the National Ignition Facility

X-ray radiograph

An experimental x-ray radiograph showing the growth of an unstable interface due to the Rayleigh-Taylor instability

Research Areas

Low Temperature Plasmas

Accelerators and Beams

Plasma Propulsion

Materials Processing (Plasmas, Laser)

High Speed Flows

High Energy Density Plasmas

Environmental and Energy Applications



High Power Microwaves

Biological and Biomedical Applications

Modeling and Simulation Methods

Radiation Transport

Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, MEMS

Electromagnetics and Wave Plasma Interactions

Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

Fundamental Plasma Transport

Laser-Plasma Interactions