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MIPSE faculty, staff, and students are engaged in a wide variety of research investigating the fundamentals and applications of plasmas on topics ranging from space plasmas to micro-plasmas. We invite you to contact MIPSE members if you want additional information on their research.

Featured Project: ZEUS - The Most Powerful Laser in the U.S.

Once completed, the ZEUS laser system will be the highest-power laser system in the US and will be among the highest-power lasers worldwide for the next decade. ZEUS will operate as an NSF sponsored user facility, offering external users experimental access to advance science frontiers and enable discovery. The first round of proposals will be due December 31, 2022 and awarded experiments beginning in October 2023.

The name ZEUS (Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System) refers to the interaction of a PetaWatt laser pulse colliding with a GeV energy electron beam that can be generated by one of its two beamlines. This geometry provides the equivalent of a “Zettawatt” power laser interaction (1021 Watts) in the rest frame of the electron beam. It will consequently allow exploration of fundamental yet unanswered questions regarding non-linear quantum electrodynamics in relativistic plasmas, including non-perturbative quantum radiation reaction and electron-positron pair production mechanisms. In addition, there will be a long-pulse shock driver that can be used with one of the other beams. Further experiments enabled by this facility will include pump-probe experiments using femtosecond x-rays as a probe of material dynamics on ultra-short timescales, the production of GeV ion beams, the generation of instabilities in electron-positron jets, the exploration of vacuum polarization effects, relativistic astrophysical shocks, and the production of pions and muons.

Research Areas

Low Temperature Plasmas

Accelerators and Beams

Plasma Propulsion

Materials Processing (Plasmas, Laser)

High Energy Density Plasmas

Environmental and Energy Applications



High Power Microwaves

Biological and Biomedical Applications

Modeling and Simulation Methods

Radiation Transport

Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, MEMS

Electromagnetics and Wave Plasma Interactions

Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

Fundamental Plasma Transport

Laser-Plasma Interactions