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International Low Temperature Plasma Community (ILTPC)

The ILTPC is an informal organization with an international membership of researchers from the field of low temperature plasmas (LTPs). The ILTPC, established in April 2020, has the goal of being a forum for communication, collaboration, and conversation for the LTP community. The ILTPC distributes a bulletin to its membership approximately once a month with items of interest to the community, including:

  • Images to excite and inspire
  • Invited LTP perspectives
  • Leaders of the LTP community
  • General interest announcements
  • Meetings and online seminars
  • Community initiatives and special issues
  • Research highlights and breakthroughs
  • New resources (e.g., study or policy documents, roadmaps, books etc... )
  • Career opportunities
  • Collaborative opportunities

Join the ILTPC (and receive communications).

Please submit content for the next issue of the Newsletter to iltpc-central@umich.edu by December 15, 2023. In particular, please send Research Highlights and Breakthroughs using this template. The highlight consists of an image and up to 200 words of text. The topic can be anything you want - a recently published work, a new unpublished result, a proposed new area of research, company successes, anything LTP-related. Please see the Research highlights and breakthroughs for examples.

For more information, please contact: iltpc-central@umich.edu.

Peter Bruggeman, University of Minnesota Mark J. Kushner, University of Michigan

Call for Expressions of Interest for New Editors of the Newsletter

ILTPC Newsletter

Supported by:

US Department of Energy Office of Science US National Science Foundation Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering