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Seminars 2020-2021

Fall 2020

Considering the uncertainty of the pandemic situation, the MIPSE Executive Committee has decided to conduct all MIPSE seminars in the Fall 2020 Semester virtually; please check back later for more details.

Date, Time, Location Speaker (Affiliation) Title, Abstract, Presentation
Wednesday 30 September 2020 Virtual seminar Prof. Jorge Rocca Colorado State University
Wednesday 21 October 2020 Virtual seminar Dr. Derek Schaeffer Princeton University Early Career Lecturer seminar Bringing Cosmic Shock Waves Down to Earth
Wednesday 4 November 2020 Virtual seminar Dr. Frank Graziani Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Quantum Hydrodynamics and Warm Dense Matter
Wednesday 18 November 2020 Virtual seminar Dr. Sarah Nelson National Nuclear Security Administration
Wednesday 2 December 2020 Virtual seminar Prof. Stephanie Diem University of Wisconsin - Madison

Winter 2021

Date, Time, Location Speaker (Affiliation) Title, Abstract, Presentation
Wednesday 27 January 2021 Dr. Nicola Fox NASA Heliophysics Division Joint MIPSE-Space Institute seminar Journey to the Sun
Wednesday 10 February 2021 Prof. Justin Little University of Washington Early Career Lecturer seminar
Wednesday 10 March 2021 Dr. Sedina Tsikata CNRS, Orléans, France
Wednesday 24 March 2021 Dr. Richard Gottscho Lam Research Rethinking the Art of Plasma Etch
Wednesday 15 April 2021 Prof. Andrei Smolyakov University of Saskatchewan, Canada