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Students and Postdocs

MIPSE's mission includes the education and mentoring of the next generation of leadership in the investigation and application of plasmas. MIPSE's faculty members enthusiastically engage undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in their research programs. MIPSE also sponsors a Graduate Certificate (a graduate minor) in Plasma Science and Engineering, and a Graduate Student Research Symposium, which enable UM graduate students to both deepen and broaden their research on plasma topics. MIPSE fellowships help support some of the students pursuing the Graduate Certificate.

MIPSE is pleased to support plasma oriented undergraduate research projects through UROP and SURE programs. Faculty members sponsoring an undergraduate student on a plasma-based project will receive up to $1000 for supplies and student centered expenses. The student will then be asked to present his/her results at the MIPSE Graduate Symposium next Fall. To request MIPSE support, faculty sponsoring undergraduates in these programs should send an email to mipse-central@umich.edu.

MIPSE Social Hour for Students and Postdocs

In 2020-2021 academic year, MIPSE launched a virtual Social Hour program, coordinated by MIPSE Fellows Steven Lanham and Leanne Su. This series of virtual events presented an opportunity for the MIPSE student and postdoc community to exchange experiences, network, and propose outreach and programmatic activities. The opening event in the series featured Prof. Michael Murillo who presented an exciting Career Path talk.

Date Event Description
14 October 2020 Career path spotlight: Prof. Michael Murillo (MSU)
28 October 2020 Student slide exchange
9 December 2020 Career path spotlight: Prof. Yue Ying Lau (U-M)
3 March 2021 MIPSE alumni career panel

Opening event: Career path spotlight with Prof. Michael Murillo (October 14, 2020)

Prof. Michael Murillo
Career Path talk